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We are offering broad range of assistance in various languages for oversea media or those who works in
food-related industry coming to Japan. Our staffs with specialized knowledge in Japanese food industry will
help you everything from touring trendy restaurants in Japan, arranging interviews with people in food industry.
With our assistance, your stay in Japan would be more organized and more fruitful.

For people from media who would like to report trendy restaurants or what’s
happening in Japanese food industry, we will help you:

  • Making appointments with top-class chefs, patissiers, bartenders or any specialists in Japanese food industry.
  • Visiting farmers or places of production for various Japanese ingredients, markets.
  • Covering stories of renowned Japanese restaurants accompanying interpreters who can explain traditional Japanese food culture.
  • Making a list of places and people you would like to see for your coverage before leaving for Japan.
  • Making appointments to visit TV or radio stations, or publishers.
Case example:
Journalist from Norway who is also a jury of the world’s best 50 restaurants visited Japan in 2014. We attended him to a prestigious Japanese restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo wearing kimono. He enjoyed conversation with the chef about dishes and traditional Japanese food through our interpreting service. The journalist’s visit to the restaurant was reported by Japanese media, too.

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For restaurant companies or owners who would like to enter Japanese market,
we will help you:

  • Conducting a research on restaurants, department stores or shopping streets in potential locations.
  • Conducting a research on competing or benchmark restaurants/stores in Japan.
  • Advertising your restaurants in Japan by having receptions or tasting events for Japanese media.
  • Conducting a research on Japanese branches of world’s famous restaurant chains and making reports by video and documents.
  • Conducting a research on Japanese convenience stores, department stores or markets and making reports by video and documents.
Case example1:
A real-estate agent from Hong Kong came to Japan in 2014 who wanted to open “JAPAN FOOD FLOOR” in his own
commercial building there. Upon his request of visiting leading chain restaurants, we showed him to restaurants including shabu-shabu chain.

Case example2:
PARADISE GROUP PTE LTD, a Singaporean restaurant company with 50 venues in China, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian countries made a debut in Japan in 2013. We held a reception inviting the president of PARADISE GROUP and people from Singapore embassy to Japan as well as Japanese media using simultaneous interpretation. Now the restaurant makes a big success and often appeared on TV programs.

Case example3:
The world’s 15th location of BrewDog, a Scottish craft beer company opened here as BrewDog Roppongi in 2014. We held a reception hosted by BrewDog’s operation director from Scotland for Japanese media reception using simultaneous interpretation and made a big success.

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For tourists who would like trips to Japan with deeper and more unusual
experience in Japanese food culture, we will help you:

  • Visiting sake breweries and getting known about sake.
  • Wearing kimono while sightseeing or attending places you wish to go with staffs in kimono.
  • Conducting hands-on experiences such as sushi-making or soba-making.
  • Attending Japanese cooking classes with interpreters.
  • Taking you hottest and coolest restaurants in Japan.
  • Offering information about Halal-, vegetarian- or vegan-friendly restaurants.

Tomoko Takiguchi:
Green Create CEO “I have been a writer in Japanese restaurant industry for 20 years and writing articles not only about restaurants or food-related news, but also about travel. I am knowledgeable about Japanese and Asian food trends as well
as Muslim culture, and also have strong connections to media and food industry inside and outside Japan. I have made
many appearances on TV in Japan”. Check more

Oto Furukawa:
“I used to live in Malaysia for 4 year and I am very much familiar with where to eat, what to see or what to do in many Asian countries. I have formed a group called ‘Malaysian food lovers’ here for communicating with people from outside Japan by sitting down around a dining table. I also publish a free newspapers called “WAU” to report what’s happening in Malaysia.
Many of my friends are Muslim”.

“After graduating from college in U.S. and some experience in fashion magazine, I’ve been a food writer for 20 years contributing to Japanese print and web magazines specialized in food and to a magazine for pastry professionals called ‘so good’ published in Spain. My interest is especially dedicated to pastry and bread. I also teach bread-baking and cooking. I have a good command of English”.

“Inherited DNA from my father and grandfather who were cooks, I love to eat. During 5-year stay in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam, I ate every good local food in Asian countries. In Hanoi, I taught Japanese cuisine to foreigners while writing about food for various media and have an experience to contribute to Indonesian news website. Coming back to Japan now,
I decided to study Japanese sweets”.

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